Friday, September 25, 2009


Dating is not what it used to be. My husband and I are high school sweethearts, so our first dates were “school dance dates,” complete with silly pictures and everything. Eventually we had traditional “grown up dates.” You know, like “movie dates,” “pool hall dates,” “concert dates,” “fancy restaurant dates,” and even “opera dates.” Then when our daughter was born, my husband and I started going on “house dates.” We would make some special meal or order takeout and have wine or cocktails. And we’d really try to savor the evening, just enjoying each other’s company. It was surprisingly fun.

But dating has changed again. Sure, we still do “house dates,” but I also find myself planning dates with my daughter. We make some special dessert or watch a ballerina movie. I try to squeeze in dates with girlfriends, and we go out for lunch or drinks. And I also arrange playdates for my daughter and a friend to get together as often as possible. Sure, dating is not what it once was, but it’s still pretty darn fun. Maybe MORE fun since it involves a little more creativity.

Strangely, I had already written this post when I came home and found this surprise from my husband, which I think will be tonight’s date:

So what was your last date like? High school dance, takeout, or a ballerina movie?

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