Monday, January 11, 2010

Only in San Francisco

I'm sure many people would agree that San Francisco is a foodie's paradise. I know this, but I continue to be surprised. Only in San Francisco would you find fine dining inside a museum. At the Academy of Sciences even the commoner's cafeteria-style dining is an experience.

We visited yesterday, and when we got hungry for lunch we headed to the Academy Cafe. The cafeteria is set up with many different stations, serving gourmet options from around the world. While it doesn't look like much in the pictures, one glance at the menu tells you that this is quick food at its best. And one look at all the eager chefs standing ready to prepare your lunch of choice tells you that you are in San Francisco.

My hubby and toddler scoped the place out for their meal of choice, and then I was charged with collecting our museum feast. I sheepishly stood in line at the noodle station. When the expectant chef finally looked my way to take my order, what did I ask for? "Plain spaghetti with butter and cheese, please." That's right. I bypassed the rigatoni with wild mushroom cream and nutmeg. I didn't care about the duck sausage either. All I was after was my toddler's favorite. Afterall, I was a paying customer like everyone else. There's nothing wrong with simplicity, right?

I quickly moved aside so that the people behind me could place their orders, which would surely be far worthier of the gourmet chef preparation being offered to us. It turns out the person behind me wasn't so unlike me after all. She wanted "plain spaghetti with butter and no cheese." And the person behind her? "Pasta with butter and cheese." Two more after that were the same, too. By the time I left with my plate of perfectly prepared pasta with freshly grated parmesan the tables had turned. It was now the chef that looked rather sheepish. And really darn frustrated.

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  1. Their food is good there. If you didn't try to spring rolls, I would suggest those for next time. They are from the restaurant called Out the Door which is a local favorite in SF.


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