Sunday, October 25, 2009

Local Greats

My interest in "buying local" started a few years ago when I ordered a box of farm-fresh produce to be delivered every two weeks. It was a lot of fun because I let them choose what to put in my produce box. I was exposed to new varieties of fruits and vegetables and felt good about supporting local farmers.

Although I'm not a "buy local" fanatic by any means, I do appreciate the value of purchasing things that are locally produced. I also find myself looking for unique local businesses when I travel to new places. So my latest addition to this blog is a list of "Local Greats" in the panel to the right, including noteworthy businesses here in Davis and those that I discovery when I visit other places. Hopefully this will introduce local readers to some unfamiliar gems in Davis. It may even encourage non-local readers to visit Davis more often. And maybe, just maybe, it will inspire somebody to look for worthwhile local businesses in their own communities. A lofty idea, I know!

Davis has great supermarkets, and the best by far is Nugget Market. Nuggest first opened in 1926 in a town just up the road from Davis. Since then it has expanded to nine locations, but it has remained a local, family-run business. My favorite thing about Nugget is their bakery. I go there to buy dessert, but I also go there to "window shop." Their desserts are absolutely beautiful, and they change daily. My toddler's favorite are the cupcakes. Here's a sample of one of their adorable creations:

My hubby and I have long adored their strawberries 'n' cream cake, but last night we discovered our new favorite. Nugget's tiramisu, pictured at the top of this post, is absolutely sublime.

Keep your eyes out for more Local Greats in the panel to the right.

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  1. Very cute owl cupcake! I agree that Nuggets bakery is really good....from the little that I have had.


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