Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Happy Place

Do you have a "happy place" in your life? You know ~ the kind of place you can go where nobody knows your name, but that doesn't matter because everybody there is so happy and friendly anyway? My hubby and I have recently discovered what may become our "Happy Place."

A few weeks back, on a Monday of all things, my hubby and I dropped our daughter at preschool and headed to Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is a sleepy town about an hour away. We were seeking some really great beer and a fun outing, and boy did we get it. We headed to the Russian River Brewing Company, home to the famous beers Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger. My hubby loves the stuff. In fact, recently he's been loving LOTS of beers. I guess it's his new hobby ~ reading about, shopping for, writing reviews, and doing cross-country exchanges of . . . well, really great beer. Beer has become a way of life around here and you'll probably be hearing more about it.

On this particular Monday, we had no idea that great things were underway in Santa Rosa. Lance Armstrong and the Amgen Tour of California were expected to roll through town later that afternoon. So we hit traffic. LOTS of traffic. And when we finally entered the Russian River Brewery there were no empty tables. But that didn't matter because we were in The Happy Place. Before we knew what had happened, somebody directed us to some empty seats at an already occupied table and we were sharing beers and stories with a room full of people. At Russian River everyone is an instant friend. There was pizza. There was beer. And there were many, many laughs.

As it turned out, at the very next table was one of my hubby's "instant friends" that he had made the last time he was at Russian River Brewing for the Pliny the Younger release party back in February. This friend is the cousin of one of my friends, so the connections ran deep. As luck would have it, this friend had two VIP passes for the race. Within an hour we were munching on mini-cupcakes, ringing cowbells, and hoping to spot Lance Armstrong from the swanky VIP tent. What fun!

Unfortunately, this adventure also included hours of traffic, a rain storm, and a broken umbrella. But we didn't care. Afterall, we had just left The Happy Place. Soon to return, I hope!

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