Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gone Drivin'

In recent weeks my hubby and I have made big efforts to get out and about more. In our past lives we spent a lot more time going on day trips, hiking, biking, and generally exploring Northern California. It's time to reclaim that lifestyle!

Yesterday we ventured north. Our destination was Yuba City, and we stopped at one of our favorite places along the way, Stephen's Farmhouse. I've been acquainted with Stephen's Farmhouse for as many as 15 years, but I never noticed how quaint it is until I walked up with a camera yesterday. They always have handwritten signs posted with some of their best daily offerings.

People drive out of their way for their old-fashioned pies and enormous cookies. And they have variety, too. Yesterday I picked up a sugar-free Olallieberry pie to take to my aunt (which tastes a lot like a blackberry), plus a cookie for each of us. I chose a pumpkin cookie for me, peanut butter for my hubby, and chocolate chip for my toddler. My favorite pies there are the seasonal fresh strawberry pie and apple pie. You really can't go wrong, though.

Another great reason to stop at Stephen's is their homemade jams, jellies, and butters. They offer pepper jelly, an essential item for my fajita marinade, plus a large selection of regular and sugar free choices.

They have a nice selection of country gifts.

They offer local produce.

And they even have an area outside where you can picnic or hang out for a while. Cute, right?

So tell me, do you have hidden treasures like this near you? Re-discovery is so fun!

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