Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Black, White, and Cultured

You might have guessed that I'm referring to something along the lines of this chocolate chip frozen yogurt:

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But in fact this is more what I had in mind:

{image and bio found here}

Leonard Bernstein ~ pianist, composer, conductor, and promoter of classical music.

In 1955 Leonard Bernstein did a series of television programs on classical music, inspiring audiences young and old to explore the orchestra. These programs, originally aired on the show "Omnibus," have just been re-released on DVD and are available here.

There are several reasons I think these might be worth checking out. For one, I'm a classical music enthusiast and love the idea of making music more accessible to audiences. I've found every Bernstein program I've ever seen to be very well-done. I also think these would be intriguing to anybody who loves all things black and white. There's something so classic about watching old films and TV shows. I'm always fascinated by all the ways in which entertainment has changed, and I'm guessing these TV programs provide a perfect example. Imagine yourself sitting on a 1955 sofa, staring at an oversized television and experiencing these shows for the first time. Fun, right?

If you'd like to read more on the Omnibus programs, there's a review here. And consider checking them out. A little culture never hurt anyone!

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