Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am in the habit of asking my hubby silly questions on topics that I know he doesn't care about. Sometimes I do this because I really am desperate for advice. Other times I do it just because I know he'll have some funny response. And sometimes I do it truly out of habit, without thinking about whether or not he'll actually have input on what I'm asking. I asked one of these "habitual" questions last night as I was writing out a card for one of my friends. He was in the process of setting up his new Wii at the time.

Me: Hey, do you think that JW will like this card?
Hubby: Sure.

[He hadn't even looked over, so I was sure that he hadn't even thought about his response.]

Me: No, I'm serious. Does it look like something she would like?

[I held out a card with a dress on it. He looked.]

Hubby: Yeah, probably. I mean, I guess it looks more like your friend MK than your friend JW, but she'll still probably like it.
Me: Huh? What do you mean?
Hubby: You know. MK is more likely to wear something more sleek and streamlined. JW's skirts are broader and more poofy. MK is much more likely to wear that exact dress. But I think JW would like the dress also.
Me: [speechless]

Who knew my hubby paid such close attention to my friends' fashion sense?


  1. Hahhahahah! Well, I LOVED the card.

  2. I guess he really knows his stuff then. ;)

  3. ok, this is TOO FUNNY! You married a secret stylist! :)

  4. Maybe I should stop buying so many broad skirts.

  5. No, no. If you did that then I'd have NO idea what kind of card to buy you. ;) And anyway, I love your "broad, poofy" skirts. I think the poofy skirt has become somewhat of a lost art. And you wear them so WELL!


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