Friday, July 16, 2010

Pizza Remix 2

Kitchen shortcuts can be a lifesaver, so don't be afraid to turn to the pre-chopped produce section, the canned/jarred food aisle, or even the freezer for the makings of some really great food.

Whole wheat pita
Refried beans
Tomato salsa
Shredded jack cheese
Frozen corn
Lots of black pepper


  1. I tried this Corn pita recipe last night.... was inspired after reading your blog, and feeling incredibly lazy after spin class to cook... soo yummy! Substituted Roasted Red pepper/garlic taco sauce for salsa, and added sauteed spinach. I Also found another blog you might enjoy, if you haven't come across it yet.
    Good luck studying!!!

  2. Thanks, Nina! Love that blog, and that taco sauce sounds great too.


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