Friday, December 17, 2010

Not Just {Half} Full

Do you do this? I have always had this habit of over-filling things. When I was a kid my mom would always get on to me for filling my cereal until the cereal fell over the sides. When I was a bit older my little sister would always ask me to dish up her ice cream because I would always be sure the bowl was totally full.

These days my habit is not all that different. I was supposed to make pasta for tonight's school party. I wanted to take plenty so that we wouldn't run out. After the first trip to the store, it didn't look like we had enough tortellini. After a second trip to the store, I got started cooking. The water started to boil. And then it boiled higher.

And then it was like the cereal bowl all over again. Only it was pasta. And it was falling down into my gas burner. Yikes!

But at least we had enough tortellini to go around. MORE than enough, actually!

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