Monday, August 9, 2010

Meatless Mondays: Eating Out

I love to cook and I love home-cooked meals. I find it's so much easier to monitor healthy-eating when I prep food myself. On the other hand, my hubby and I also love to eat out. We tend to save restaurants for the weekend and we make it more of an experience. A splurge, if you will. We don't feel like we have to grab the cheapest grub around, and we can have a more leisurely meal together.

As vegetarian-eating has become more and more common, eating "vegetarian" at restaurants has also become easier. These days there's a lot more out there for us than just salad and fries. Nevertheless, eating out is still pretty complicated at higher priced restaurants. Nicer establishments often make their food more "upscale" by offering finer meats and seafood. While some of these restaurants do offer one or two vegetarian dishes, they often are overpriced and rather ordinary in comparison to the other menu offerings. Unfortunately I've had some bad experiences on this front, including last Valentine's Day.

But there's still hope. In finalizing our plans for our upcoming trip to Maui, I was delighted to discover a rare veggie-friendly fine dining restaurant. Since the executive chef's wife is vegetarian, The Plantation House offers a separate vegetarian-friendly menu. Since it's also known for great service and fantastic views, this just might be a truly rare find.

I hope we'll have the opportunity to try The Plantation House on our vacation ~ I'll be sure to report back!

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