Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to Earth

Yesterday I had a few truly amazing moments. I was sitting in our backyard with my constitutional law book, studying what I've learned the past few weeks and enjoying the fall weather. I was deep in thought, pondering our nation's history of racism and the path that the Civil Rights Movement took. I rejoiced over the outcome of Brown v. Board of Education, but was troubled by the realities of that era. I marveled over the careful strategizing of civil rights advocates that led to their eventual triumph, and I considered the parallels in the issues of today. It suddenly felt like there are big things going on in the world. Maybe I should try to solve some of these BIG things. Or at least think about them a bit more.

Still in my reverie, I started to notice how perfect the temperature was around me. The two redwood trees that sit just beyond our back fence were towering above me. As the wind gushed through the trees, I heard an intense whoosh of sound, followed by the twitter of birds nearby. It was absolutely wonderful. Peaceful. Rare.

Then I heard a small sound from inside the house, which gently nudged me from my daydream. As I started getting up I looked down. I was immediately faced with the cartoon faces of dogs in costumes. Scattered all over my shirt, and even on the tops of my socks, were Halloween stickers that my toddler had generously passed out all weekend. I turned towards the house with a smile as my husband greeted me. He too was covered in canine wizards and feline goblins. We laughed at ourselves, and just like that the spell was broken.

Kids. They really keep you grounded. Thank goodness!

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