Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dollars and Sense?

What would you think if you woke up on a Saturday morning and found a single dollar bill sitting on your kitchen counter? It would be easy to make sense of, right? You'd assume that your spouse, roomie, or whoever happens to live with you just left a dollar on the counter. No biggie. But what would you think if you found $40 sitting on the counter with no explanation? That's a little more peculiar, but still reasonable. $40 and several credit cards? That's getting harder to make sense of.

Now imagine that when you walk into the kitchen on a Saturday morning, still groggy from a late night the night before, you see a strange wallet sitting on the kitchen counter. You've never seen the wallet before, AND it's loaded. There are bills and credit cards clearly peeking out. Your next thought is that your husband went to what sounded like a pretty rowdy party the night before. Wait a minute, did he come home with somebody else's wallet?

So when this happened to me last weekend my curiosity was immediately peeked. I gestured towards the wallet and asked my husband, "What's that?" He was even groggier than me at the time.

Hubby: What's what?
Me: What's that? The wallet?
Hubby: I don't see anything.
Me, puzzled why he seems to be playing dumb: Did you seriously come home from the party with somebody else's wallet? [I notice that the wallet is pretty nondescript, even rather gender-neutral. For lack of a better explanation, and in my diminished, coffee-less state, I start to get suspicious that he's trying to hide something.] Whose IS that?

[Long, LONG silence.]

Hubby: Ohhhhhh. You mean the wallet?
Me: Yes.
Hubby, confused: That's mine.
Me, unsure what he's talking about since I know this looks nothing like his wallet: Huh?
Hubby: Yeah. I bought it last week.
Me: What? But it looks so worn.
Hubby: Yeah, it's stylish.
Me: Oh, ok. Got it. It's yours and it's stylish.

We both laughed, relieved. And so the day begins . . .

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