Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love to play with my food. I'm not sure how or when this started, but in recent years I've attempted to take multi-tasking to a different level. That's right. . . By playing with my food.

Most of my multi-tasking foodplay involve edible decorations and color-themed menus. For special occasions I've made scented centerpieces out of ingredients from the produce aisle. (Think major color contrast, like cherry with mint leaves or lightly zested mandarin oranges with cranberries.) I've also done holiday parties with only red and green food on the menu. And last year I made a tiny, fragrant turkey decoration by adorning an orange with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. latest foodplay was last weekend when I attempted to dress-up your basic kiddie snacks, add color to the food presentation, and stick with a fall theme. Here's what I threw together:

I must admit it was far from perfect, but I literally threw the snacks into the dish and moved on to my next task. Kinda silly, I know. But fun nonetheless!

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