Thursday, March 4, 2010


Did you hear? Davis has a secret.

It's common knowledge that Davis cares about its carbon footprint. In fact we're so green, that the Davis city council voted not to sell or offer bottled water at any community events. If you're parched and you forgot to pack your own, you're out of luck.

It's also common knowledge that Davis believes in slow growth and buying local. We've resisted major expansion for years. And we've done well.

Nevertheless, Davis has a secret.

Last fall Target moved in. Soon after my hubby was sitting on bleachers watching our toddler's gymnastics class. Our daughter boisterously cried out, "We're going to Target today!" Several moms from her preschool were sitting just in front of my hubby. They nodded knowingly. Then they leaned in very close to each other. One asked, "Have you been to the new Target yet?" Everybody nodded slowly. Then, ever so quietly, the first mom whispered, "Yeah, I love the new Target."

We try not to talk about it openly, but it's true. And it's not just my toddler or a single mom at gymnastics class. Davis residents love the box store that has descended on our little hippy town.

You'll keep our secret, won't you? Please do.


  1. But it's a GREEN Target. They agreed to implement a whole bunch of green measures. Have you seen the toilet flushers? Up for less water, down for more (depending on your need). =)

  2. Details I didn't know about! Only in Davis, I guess.


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