Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tropical Bliss

My oldest is turning eight this summer.  Anybody who's been with me for very long knows that I love, love, love planning parties.  So this year I came up with some party ideas in advance and proposed them to my daughter.  (Yes it's self-centered, but I actually "pre-planned" the party-planning by poking around pinterest to find themes and entertainment that would be relatively easy to pull off.  And pull off in style.  After all, it can be a lot of pressure on a mom to put these things together.)

Anyhoo, as you might imagine, my daughter rejected every single one of my proposals.  So we were back at square one and all I could do was wait until my little diva made up her mind.  So I put my pinterest-surfing to rest and waited. We negotiated, and then I waited some more. 

Eventually my munchkin settled on a pool party centered around the movie Rio.  We were both happy.  She got her swimming, and I found a place other than my house to host it.  I also love the tropical theme, and it's fun that it's something other than a luau.  Brazilian music is pretty great, too, so at least we've got that covered.

This has turned out to be a really fun party to plan, but I must say that I have some stiff competition.  Since there is no official Rio partyware or decorations available, people have had to get creative.  And WOW have there been some great Rio parties!  

Here are some glimpses of my two favorites from around the web:

{An Australian party that can be viewed here.}

{This party took place in Brooklyn and can be found here.}

At this point I should probably point out what is probably already pretty obvious.  The party that I will actually be throwing for my daughter will be ~ dare I say it? ~ pretty regular.  You know, the usual.  Swimming, pizza, cake, and some fun music.  But the party I will be throwing in my imagination?  Now THAT party will be glorious.  Absolutely top-notch.  Don't you just wish you could come?

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