Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where I am

Howdy, folks!  It's been a while, but I'm very pleased to be posting again.  The truth is I've really missed blogging.  I'm not entirely sure why it's been so hard to get back to it.  At first I felt pressure to catch up by blogging about all the things that had happened during my absence.  Then I felt like I had nothing to say at all.  Then of course there was the period when I had a newborn (and a not-so-new-born), and I just couldn't find the time.  And finally I felt like the momentum was gone and I probably would never to get back to blogging regularly.  Still, I always knew how much I enjoyed and missed blogging.

Despite all of those worries, here I am.  I finally pulled the trigger.  And I'm here because I want to be here.  Writing my thoughts down.  As they are right now.

So why blog after all this time?  Blogging is a creative outlet for me.  I have several creative outlets, but blogging feels far more concrete.  It's something I can build upon should I choose to do so.  And it's an activity that leads to other types of creativity ~ like improving my photography, unusual outings, party-planning, or especially fun (okay, I mean messy) activities with the kids.  We all need a little creative in our lives, right?  Plus, Blogging is my form of journaling.

So this is where I've been.

And this is where I am now.

I hope we can talk again soon.

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