Sunday, May 25, 2014

On the Shelf

In the world of salsas there is no doubt that fresh (either homemade or restaurant made) is always best.  I happen to think my homemade salsa is pretty killer, in fact.  But nobody has fresh-made salsa on hand every day, and when you eat Mexican food as much as I do you definitely need a backup plan.

I have started keeping jarred salsa on my shelf at all times.  It comes in very handy when I need a last minute snack to take somewhere ~ with chips, of course.  And I'm not above dressing a salsa up in a nice container and halfway pretending I made it myself.  (I would always tell the truth if asked, but it's fun to pretend in the meantime!) Jarred salsa is also great to have when the pantry is nearly empty and I'm hoping to feed my family yet another meal centered around rice and beans. With a little salsa and another ingredient or two, you can make a great burrito, taco, or even a casserole.  I also love salsa with eggs.

Since I moved to Austin last summer, I've been exploring the local selection of jarred salsas.  There are some good ones out there.  I'm definitely still exploring, but this is my current fave:

The jar says it's the winning recipe from a Texas salsa competition.

It's loaded with tomatillos and onions, and not too much else.  I would use all the same ingredients if I was making it myself at home.

 And it has a nice kick to it.

I can't promise that I won't change my mind a bunch more times as I explore the salsa aisle, but for now I'm hooked on this one.  Happy dipping!

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