Friday, April 16, 2010

The Exchange

Today's the day! I'm finally ready to reveal what I found when I opened my box from Emily ~ the box that travelled 2,500 from Tennessee! And I have to say, this girl knows how to pack a box. This thing was loaded with all KINDS of yummy treats.

One of my favorite parts was her theme because her box was all about getting WILD in the kitchen! She sent a picture of wildcats that instantly wowed my toddler.

She also included some great animal print napkins.

I loved all the cute black and white bows and the little notes she wrote me.

My toddler immediately fell in love with this rather intimidating endangered species chocolate bar. Grrrr! She begged for a taste of it last night, hoping that she could then wash it down with chocolate milk. My hubby pointed out that perhaps dark chocolate with espresso beans wasn't the greatest idea right before bed. Wise man!

Emily also sent bunches of snack bars, which all look wonderful.

Plus she sent a special little packet with treats for my little one!

And her challenge to me sounds fantastic. She has planned a 4-course Italian meal party for me to make. She sent Wasa multigrain crackers for the appetizer, which I can top with something yummy.

She sent garlic vinaigrette salad dressing for the salad course, along with some red wine vinegar. Then there's farfalle pasta and pesto for the main course, which I can embellish as I please with things like fresh spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts, or fresh-grated cheese. My toddler snatched the bow pasta right out of the box!

And of course there's the chocolate for dessert. Emily instructed that we should eat all of it. I'm sure that won't be a problem, but we'll see if the chocolates actually makes it that long. I may have to pick up another one at the store!

What a spread!

She even included a couple of packets of herb seeds for my toddler and I to have a little project together in the garden. We'll have so much fun with that.

Speaking of, remember how my toddler helped me decorate a box for Emily?

Well now you just have to go check out Emily's great site to see what we sent! I hope she liked it...

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