Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Shower Effect

I don't know about you, but I love weddings and I adore babies. The last two weekends I had the good fortune to participate in not one but TWO showers ~ the first was the bridal shower that I co-hosted and the second was a baby shower. Both were splendid.

And both involved an elegant tea service at my favorite new discovery in town ~ Tea List.

So now I'm sold on the idea of having tea, sandwiches, and a reason to get together for a little party every weekend.

Honestly, almost nothing makes me feel more positive or more hopeful than the thought of two people in love or a precious baby being born. This is especially true when a dear friend is involved.

I left these parties feeling a true high. (Although maybe it was just a buzz from all that tea!)

I also left with a whole new appreciation for the sandwich.

Those tea sandwiches were great! My favorite was simple and classic ~ cucumber, mint, cream cheese, and yogurt on white bread.

The flowers weren't bad either. I always love an excuse to visit a florist!

So let me leave you with one question ~ any chance you have a baby or bridal shower I could plan?

I promise to take lots of pictures!

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