Monday, April 26, 2010

Quirky Davis

Davis is bicycle-crazed. Davis is greener than green. But would you believe that here in Davis even the wildlife is quirky? This is old news to my Davis readers, but I imagine the rest of you will find this hard to imagine. So let me start at the beginning…

Davis has what we call an "arboretum" that runs through the UC Davis campus. Our arboretum isn't full of the typical tulips and water lilies, though. It's full of every type of tree, bush, and plant imaginable. We even have giant redwood trees! There's also a walk/run/bike path that borders a creek of sorts, and the creek opens out into small lakes in two spots. (Or maybe large ponds?) Understandably, the Arboretum attracts a LOT of small wildlife, from ducks to geese to turtles to rabbits.

But…even the wildlife in Davis is quirky. This time of year the ducks are nesting. They tend to pair off and then stray from the "pack," each couple seeking out their own little home. Two of these ducks have taken up residence just outside the back of the law school building, in a little water-logged ditch of some sorts. Weird. Sometimes they're floating in the water, sometimes sleeping on a patch of grass next to the water. This morning they had a bunny friend joining them, as if this little mud ditch is some kind of watering hole! Maybe you'd have to see it to fully understand, but let me tell this is quirky enough for me to laugh every morning as I pass on my way into the building.

Leave it to Nature to be resourceful. And leave it to quirky Davis to inspire even the wildlife to strike out on their own path.

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