Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Holiday, Another Parade

Happy New Year, everyone!

We now have three parades saved on our DVR for my toddler's viewing pleasure. She really loves parades - the music, the costumes, and now the floats! But our favorite part of the Rose Bowl Parade, hands down, were these guys:

You can read about them here.

It turns out that these aren't the only furry creatures we're celebrating today. We decided to start the New Year by adding two new members to our family. We now have two gray tortoiseshell kitties settling in at our house! As soon as they get better acclimated I'll be sure to share pictures.

We found our feline friends on I love this site! But my advice is to view with CAUTION. You just might want to adopt every cuddly friend you see like I did!

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