Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Movie

I had an interesting conversation with my toddler yesterday as I drove her home from preschool.

Me: So what did you do at preschool today?
Toddler: We watched a movie. It was a movie, but it didn't have Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer in it. But it was still a movie.
Me: [puzzled ~ surely they aren't showing them movies at preschool now!] Oh really? Are you sure you watched a movie?
Toddler: Yeah. It was a movie.
Me: OK. Well, what was it about?
Toddler: There was a dream.
Me: Oh. So when you took a nap you dreamed about watching a movie?
Toddler: No. I watched a movie at school. With a dream.
Me: You watched a movie. So then who was dreaming? Was somebody asleep?
Toddler: No. I watched a movie about a man.
Me: And the man was dreaming while he was asleep?
Toddler: No, he wasn't sleeping. He just HAD a dream.
Me: [trying desperately to piece this together] The man HAD a dream?
Toddler: Yeah. But he wasn't sleeping. He just had a dream.
[long, long pause]
Me: Ohhhh. Do you mean that you watched a movie about a man named Martin Luther King?
Toddler: Yeah. And the man had a dream. He wasn't sleeping, but he had a dream.
Me: Got it. Well that's great. He was a very important man, you know.
Toddler: I know. Because he was dreaming, right?
Me: Actually, yes. Because he was dreaming.

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