Monday, January 18, 2010


When was the last time you "lunched?" While I admit that I rarely do what I would call "lunching," I always find it to be so refreshing. Last week I lunched with a dear friend at a Davis eatery.

Just to be clear, we didn't dine. We didn't grab some grub. We lunched in the most ladylike manner possible. We gossiped and people-watched. We complimented each other's accessories. We even whispered a few "did you hear?" remarks under our breath. And I'm almost sure that our pinkies shot out as we delicately raised our glasses to our mouths.

Perhaps most importantly, we lingered over our food. We savored every bite, partly because it was delicious but also so we could squeeze in a few more tidbits about wedding dresses, our families, and our aspirations.

Are you wondering what we lunched on as we lingered, complimented, and sipped last week? Salads, of course!

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