Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pretty Peaches

We've now had our two new kitties all of three weeks. They are so much fun! And they clearly have so much fun, too. This morning I found an assortment of things they had batted around the house overnight ~ my keys, my watch, a pen, and one of my toddler's socks.

You've already met Bunny, so let me introduce her sister Peaches. Even though Bunny warmed up to her new surroundings faster, there are so many reasons I am so attached to Peaches. To some extent, she's the underdog of the house. She's the kitty we all wanted to settle in perfectly, but for a while it was questionable whether she would make it. And so she quickly became my little "project" as I worked to coax her out from under the bed.

Now she's definitely out and about more. Once you get to know her she's just as loving as her sister. I think she's so beautiful, with her sleek physique and exotic markings. And, as an added bonus, she cracks me up every time she enters the room. She usually comes bounding in. So much so that more often than not she has to regain her footing once she comes to a standstill. I laugh every time because her entrance is so "Kramer-esque."

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