Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Visuals

I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas. Better late than never!

We usually have an intimate Christmas at our house, joined by a small handful of relatives. This year we had a few more visitors than usual, with a total of 6 adults and 2 children. I did my best to have a few Christmas decorations out, but I always keep it fairly simple.

We had a nice tree with tons of presents underneath...or rather around.

I brightened up my brown tablecloth with some red accents ~ crab apples, of all things! They looked so beautiful and red at the store that I just had to use them for something. So I cut a little slit in the top of each one and used them as placecard holders.

I have a snowflake hole punch, so I added one final red accent by coloring the paper underneath red.

I love making centerpieces using edible components. It's my favorite form of foodplay. Usually I just see what's most beautiful at the store and throw it in a nice dish of some sort. This year I layered cranberries and mixed nuts in a trifle dish. Fun!

By far my favorite Christmas visual from this year was the gingerbread house that my toddler and I decorated. I bought the gingerbread pre-assembled. Then I added red and white icing accents.

And finally my toddler decorated it with candies. She got really into it, and I thought she did a great job.

I was also pretty proud of the candy cane I drew freehand.

Hope your holidays have been filled with nice visuals, too!

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