Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party Report

Three words: so. much. fun.

It's been an exciting few days, and I hope to finally catch up on sleep soon. Around my house we've had a graduation, parties, more parties, a birthday, and a bike race. It's been super fun, and I can't wait to share more. For now, let me share the party menu from Saturday. Notice my toddler waiting patiently for the first guests to walk to the door. The table was set just in time!


A Vegetarian Open House
Spinach strata

Artichoke crustless quiche
Rosemary potato frittata
Pesto pasta salad
Peanut butter & jelly for the kids
Caesar salad
Cheese & crackers
Hummus with pita chips
Salted nuts
Chocolate covered nuts
Animal crackers
An assortment of drinks


This menu worked out really well since only the 3 egg dishes were at all labor intensive. I assembled them the morning before the party, and then I only had to bake them the morning of. They turned out great, and my house smelled appropriately scrumptious when guests started to arrive.

I confess that I snapped exactly zero pictures as I played hostess, but it was a really great time. I bought the pasta salad so I won't be able to share the recipe for that dish, but I'll share the egg recipes soon. They were the biggest hit anyway!

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