Friday, May 7, 2010

We Ate Wild

I know my posts have been a bit slow in coming lately. I admit it ~ it's been a very rough week!

Back to a lighter topic ~ our WILD party last weekend! Per Emily's suggestion, I used many of the contents of her food exchange box for our WILD meal. We decided to eat at our coffee table ~ a WILD idea, I know!

First I made a homemade tomato bruschetta topping for the Wasa multigrain crackers she sent. This worked really well since these crackers are so thick and could absorb all the juice from the tomatoes. And the recipe is a keeper ~ will post soon!

Then I put together a salad with the garlic vinaegrette. These guys were keeping little fingers from stealing too many cucumbers!

I cooked up some farfalle pasta, accompanied by Emily's pesto. I topped it with shredded Parmesan and pine nuts.

I'd say this meal made for a very good-looking plate!

Have a look at our WILD dessert ~ espresso chocolate.

Thanks, Emily!

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