Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feast for the Eyes?

Yesterday I heard an interesting piece on NPR (you may have heard it too!). Morning Edition teamed up with America's Test Kitchen to explore some traditional dishes from Thanksgivings past. From the distant past, in fact. They prepared the recipes in their original form, no adaptations, and then tasted away. They gave each dish a "yay" or a "nay." Sounded kinda fun to me, but in the end I was glad it wasn't me doing the tasting!

I checked out the dishes online after hearing about them - what do you think? These mincemeat pies look pretty tasty. And not so different from what we might see on Thanksgiving tables these days.

But the Nesselrode Pudding pictured below? This is not the
"feast for the eyes" I was looking for.

It was an interesting idea to uncover old recipes, but I think I'll stick with my more modern vegetable casseroles, thank you! Like some of the Thanksgiving yummies we had at a recent Early Thanksgiving Party. I'm looking forward to tomorrow - Happy Feasting!

[All photos credited to Emily Ochsenschlager]

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  1. I heard this too!! I really wanted to see the looks on their faces when they tried the Nesselrode pudding, especially when they described it as "a little like vanilla ice cream in a circle with pecks of undetermined origins in it." Tasty!


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