Monday, November 9, 2009


My toddler has been changing so much recently. She's seeming more like a little girl than anything resembling a baby or a toddler. And she talks non-stop, always inquiring about the world as she tries to make sense of it all. In the last few days I've written down a few of her funny comments. From the looks of this list, food is one of her favorite topics of conversation, too! But of course, it's not ALL about food. . .

  • "Daddy, you're going to take a shower because you're really stinky, right?"
  • "When we wake up we eat a lovely breakfast and then we have lots of energy."
  • "Sorry, Chicken, we're all out of mix party. Maybe you could go to the store and get some." (EDITOR'S NOTE: mix party = party mix! That's right - the salty kind.)
  • "First I'll be 88, then I'll be 99, and then I'll be one hundred! And then, when I'm one hundred, I can watch robot movies!"
  • "Daddy, does President Obama want me to eat lots of food so that I can be big and strong?"
Incidentally, I've noticed recently that the White House does have quite a lot to say about food topics. Case in point.

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