Sunday, November 15, 2009


This time of year is all about traditions, as you would probably agree. I've been especially aware of this fact this weekend, noticing that I have both old and new traditions. Some I like, and . . .well, one tradition in particular I can't wait to get rid of.

One of my newest traditions started last year. Each year in early November my toddler's preschool sends home a large sheet of paper with an outline of a very cute scarecrow on it. Attached to it is a message about how each family is supposed to decorate the scarecrow and then return it to school. They display them all around the lobby for the rest of the month, so that everyone can see them as they come and go. Last year my toddler developed a ritual of looking at her friend's scarecrows each afternoon, identifying who made each one. Then she would return to her own scarecrow and proudly inform anyone nearby that her mommy helped her color it. It was fun to see how excited she was by it all. This afternoon we decorated this year's picture, and my hubby and I were amazed at how much less help she needed than last year.

Another one of my favorite fall traditions also took place this weekend. Several years ago my family started getting together with a group of longtime friends for an early Thanksgiving party. Usually all of us travel to other places on the actual Thanksgiving holiday, so this gives us a chance to celebrate together. (It also gives us a chance to test out some new Thanksgiving recipes - I'll share mine soon!) This year was another huge success.

My last tradition that is ever-present on my mind these days started many, many years ago. And after this year, I don't plan to keep this tradition ever again. Why? Because this tradition always seems to take over, over-shadowing all of the other seasonal things that I could be enjoying instead. I can't believe it, but this is my ninth set of fall semester finals since I graduated from high school. Ridiculous, isn't it? Ninth! And I can't wait to get through them because this will be the last set of fall semester finals EVER. Woohoo!

So I'm curious...Do you have any unusual traditions that you love or hate?

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