Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full Disclosure

Hope everyone had a great holiday on Thursday. I sure did!

I thought I better disclose my contribution to our Thanksgiving meal. I was asked to bring a dessert to my aunt's house. Somebody was already bringing a pie, so about ten days ago I set out to find the perfect non-pie recipe that would best suit the occasion.

I settled on this luxurious cake from Martha Stewart, with vanilla fresh from the pod, carmelized apples, and brown sugar buttercream.

Then my practicality set in, and I started hunting for something a little simpler. I settled on this Paula Deen recipe for pumpkin bars. The recipe has very few ingredients, and her desserts are always scrumptious.

But then reality tapped me on the shoulder. Well, truthfully . . . reality outright walloped me. I finally owned up to how little time I have available right now, and I did the right thing. I went to my favorite "Local Great" bakery at Nugget Market, exchanged money for confection, and voila!

This spice cake with maple buttercream absolutely fit the bill. And I always love an excuse to buy a cake from Nugget!

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